We are NOT a Top-up or Round-up. These schemes ask you at purchase time to top-up or round-up by giving a little bit more of your own money to a charity. With Doing Good Rewards, you don’t give extra money. You first save money and give a part of that saving to charity. It’s automatically done for you - our system is an automatic discount and automatic charitable donation. The donation is to YOUR nominated charity. How awesome is that!

We are an Australian social impact company that will change the world through everyday shopping with this game-changing platform to help charities, consumers and businesses.

The Doing Good Rewards platform is delivered on behalf of many clients/brands but is designed for consumers to use in everyday life, so that everytime you shop at participating merchants, you automatically save and send a portion of that saving to your nominated charity.

Participating merchants are from a wide variety of lifestyle categories from supermarkets to sunglasses, from alcohol to adventure, from dining to decorations,  from haircuts to health, from travel to theatre, from petrol to pets and much, much more ...

Covering big brands to local retailers, via online shopping, online eGift Cards & Movie Vouchers, Tickets & Events or simply shopping in store.

Register your payment card (Visa, eftpos or Mastercard) – and every time you shop using your card at participating retailers, you will automatically save and automatically give part of what you save to your selected charity.

At transaction payment time, you pay the full amount and our tech automatically rewards you with a discount - part of this discount is donated to charity and the rest is paid back on to your bank account or forward to your membership account/bill (depending on your membership program).

You’ll be surprised at how much your donations to charity will quickly add-up through automatic discounts - then at Tax Time, you claim them all back as donations are tax-deductible.    

The primary benefit is Automatic Discounts and Donations. But there are other features that make the program work for you as you want. 

The app and website provide you 24/7 anytime-anywhere access. You can search for participating retail partners, go online shopping, or see your donations and transaction history.

Most programs are ‘immediate’ benefits where you get your savings paid out straight to your personal bank account (manage your payout bank account in ‘My Account’). Some programs have savings accumulated and paid to your organisation for ‘delayed’ rewards that you can pay savings forward towards your membership account/ next bill etc.


It’s simple. You're automatically a member when you register and by registering one or more Visa, Eftpos or Mastercards. Then you shop via our app or website or at our direct retail partners – and watch how you automatically save and donate to your chosen charities.

1. Shop In-Store at our direct retailers and automatically save and give to your chosen charity, when you pay with your registered Visa, Eftpos or Mastercard

2. Buy discounted eGift Cards online from our online retailers

3. Shop Online & receive discounts from our participating online retailers

4. Buy discounted Movie Vouchers online.  

Your Transaction history will appear in your Account. For more details, go to My Account and My Transactions. You can see what transactions you’ve made, how much you have donated, and how much you have saved.

Depending on your membership provider, you will either:

A)     Receive your discount back into your bank account 7-10 days from the date of purchase. The time taken to process this is because it takes time for the retailer’s bank to send the funds to Visa, Eftpos or Mastercard and then on to your bank where your registered card is connected.

B)     Receive your discount monthly on your next membership fee, bill or onto your account.

Yes, Doing Good Rewards will recognise your physical card or your mobile card when you pay at an EFTPOS terminal or via online checkout.

In order to be eligible for a Discount you must.

i. make a purchase with a Participating Merchant

ii. use a Visa Card , Eftpos or Mastercard that is registered to a Doing Good Rewards program Account; and

For the best results:
1. When you use a physical card to make a purchase at a physical terminal, please ensure that your purchase is made using the "credit" function ("CR") for payment at the time of purchase (whether or not your Visa, Mastercard or Fftpos card is a credit card, debit card or prepaid reloadable card). Note that when you tap your card, the terminal automatically uses “CR”; or
2. Use your mobile based card, like a Visa, Mastercard or Eftpos card on Google Pay,Samsung Pay, Apple Pay etc.

No, you just pay with your registered card - no need to show a membership card or app or anything to save. The retailer will charge you full price and you’ll receive the benefit later.


Participating retail partners have agreed to provide discounts as promoted on the (Doing Good Rewards / Client / Partner) website. They provide these benefits for your shopping so that you automatically save and give to a charity of your choice. 

The retailers vary depending on where you shop

1. Shop In-Store at our direct retailers and automatically save and give to your chosen charity, when you pay with your registered Visa, Eftpos or Mastercard

2. Buy discounted eGift Cards Online from our online retailers

3. Shop Online & receive discounts from our participating online retailers 

4. Buy discounted Movie Vouchers & Event Tickets online.


You Save and Donate by buying from our participating retail partners in 4 ways:

1. With our In-Store direct retail partners. We are building a network of in-store retailers who will provide discounts - when you pay with your registered Visa, Eftpos or Mastercard, you will automatically save and donate to your chosen charity.

2. By buying our discounted eGift Cards. Buy as presents or for your own everyday shopping and percentage of your saving is donated to your chosen charity. 

3. Via Online Shopping. Receive discounts from our online retailers and donate a percentage of your saving is donated to your chosen charity.

4. Buy discounted Movie Vouchers & Event Tickets online and donate a percentage of your saving is donated to your chosen charity.

Doing Good Rewards members don’t need to show a discount or a loyalty card or quote a promo code. When you pay at any of the Doing Good retail partners, our system checks if your Visa, Eftpos or Mastercard is registered on our system, and if it is the appropriate discount is automatically applied to you and your member record is checked so we can send the appropriate percentage of your saving to your selected charity/cause.

Note that some retailers who aren’t set up for automatic rewards will have instructions in their offer details about how to redeem a coupon at the time of transaction.

You can check your balance and transaction history at any time on the Doing Good Rewards/ Partner / Client platfrom. Click on the ‘My Account’ button and ‘My Transactions’

Usually within 24 hours of your purchase but it can sometimes take up to 5 days for your transaction to clear between banks and appear on your Profile.

When you register, you will be able to choose who you wish to donate to, and in some cases what percentage of your discount you wish to donate. In some cases the percentage of donation is set for you by your Member Program. You can then update your charity/cause choice in the My Account section at any time.

We will provide you regular impact updates including a video and information from each charity to show you that the money has gone where it is intended. Plus at tax time every year, you will receive a summary of your tax-deductible donations for your charitable giving.


The reason is that if we provide the discount at checkout there is no way for us to divide up the discount and pass some of your saving on to your nominated charity. So the great news is by paying full price & allowing us to delay your discount slightly, you still receive it AND get to automatically donate some of your discount to your selected charity. And then you get all your automatic donations back at tax time - how good is that!

We’ve added the option to pay for online eGift Cards and Movie Vouchers by Bank Transfer EFT (via a service called Fast2Pay) so you don’t need to pay any merchant fees that are charged when you pay via Visa, Etfpos or Mastercard.

The good news is we can still track these payments and place the discount you receive either:

A)     back on your nominated bank account, or

B)     on your next membership fee, bill or onto your account.

eGift Cards are great for presents or to save money on your own everyday purchases, you use them to pay when shopping in-store and sometimes online. 

Your eGift card is emailed to you as soon as we receive the funds. It also appears in your Gift Card eWallet at the same time.

Normally within 1-24 hours but it may be delayed 1-2 days depending on the funds clearing between banks. Once we receive payment, we issue the eGift Card within 1-24 hours.

Yes. The expiry date will be prominently displayed on the eGift Card itself.


Shop Online offers you a range of Online Stores to choose from to Shop, Save & Give. Simply select your favourite online retailer from our network, then click-through to go shopping. Because you have come from our website, you’ll automatically save & give to your favourite charity.

Simply browse through our Online Retail Partners and find where you would like to shop. Click on the logo and you will then be linked directly to the Partner’s Site. Purchase the item(s) you want. Note, you will be charged full price at the time of purchase.

But every time you shop with our online retailers, you will automatically save and give to a charity of your choice. Your savings will automatically be put either:

- back to your nominated bank account, or

- on your next membership fee, bill or onto your account during the next month.

Note: for this to occur you must go to the online retailer via our site and check out as soon as possible, as there are times when we can’t track your purchase if you go to the online retailer site directly.

1. You must click-through to the online retailer via our site. If you don’t we can’t track your purchase

2. Don’t shop via an incognito browser

3. Don’t disable or block cookies. We track your purchases by tracing your cookies from your browser

4. Shop straightaway to ensure the cookie tracking will work. If you compare prices or leave the tab open for a long time, the cookie tracking may break and you will not get your discount. 

5. Pay with your registered card.


You can buy Movie Vouchers from Village, Events, Hoyts And Ace Cinemas. You can buy a wide range from Childrens to Adults to Gold Class/LUX. The discounts are variable across the range but are clearly listed beside each Movie Voucher.


Doing Good Rewards is committed to protecting the confidentiality of your personal information. Refer to the Privacy Policy at the Doing Good Rewards website https://doinggoodrewards.com/privacy-policy/. We only collect personal information in order to provide services and products to you, to maintain and improve customer service and to advise you of other Doing Good Rewards offers, products or services which may be of interest to you. Whilst you may opt not to provide us with your personal information, you should be aware that without this personal information, we may not be able to provide you with the services and/or products you are expecting.

Yes, your card details are secure - all details are ‘tokenised’ so we never see your card information. All card data goes through our partner ‘Pokitpal' who are ‘PCI compliant’. Payment card industry (PCI) compliance refers to the technical and operational standards that businesses follow to secure and protect credit card data provided by cardholders and transmitted through card processing transactions.


A) There are NO Joining or Subscription Fees.

B) However, depending on what payment method you choose, there may be a fee when purchasing Online eGift Cards, Movie Vouchers, Event Tickets or from Online Partner Retailers. Where possible, there will be no fees when paying by Bank Transfer EFT via Fast2Pay, while if paying by credit card, there may be a Merchant Processing Fee (which will be clearly listed prior to payment).


For general enquiries on the Doing Good Rewards / Client / Partner Platform or any of the Products / Services promoted, please either:

- head to the Contact Us page and complete the enquiry form or talk to one of our agents on LiveChat,

- send an email to info@doinggoodrewards.com, or

- call the Customer Service Team on 1300 014 323